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007 - Agent Under Fire
Nice Visuals
High Velocity Action
Frustration Controls

James Bond returns in another mix of high tech gadgets, explosive firefights and beautiful women in 007 - Agent Under Fire. After the smash hit, Goldeneye on the N64, creating another Bond blockbuster is no easy task. The game itself doesn't skirt any of the films, but instead weaves up its up Bond-esque intrigue over 12 levels. 

Frankly, the graphics simply blow Goldeneye out of the water, but you probably wouldn't expect anything else from a behemoth like the XBox. Slick graphics, decent in game movies and cool sounds all add to the entire Bond theme. The game also provides decent multiplayer support over 12 additional maps. 

Despite it impressive visuals, I found Agent Under Fire frustrating difficult to control. One play with the default settings had me frantically playing around with the preset configurations, in an attempt to find some control combination remotely resembling that of Halo's. Such controls have become almost expected by XBox gamers these days. Well..  I failed, so had to struggle with the confusing concoction of moving and side-stepping with the left stick while turning and looking up and down with the right. Fortunately an auto aim option makes things easier.

All in all, on mastering the controls, first person shooter fans will love it, especially if you enjoyed Goldeneye. The cool gadgets are there and some of the driving scenes littered throughout the game are both visually impressive and fun. The game isn't a long one, but by cranking up the difficulty level a good time being JB is to be had by all..


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