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Armored Core 3
Good Storyline
Cool Multiplayer
Tough Control
Twenty years after Armored Core 2, the Raven mech robot is back for more explosive action. With the warring corporations a thing of the past, an AI unit known as ‘The Controller’ now maintains order in the world. The the Ravens are now hired to the company Global Cortex to carry its dirty work. There are 50 missions in all. Missons range from protection to out and out destruction of all enemy units on the map, with the story slowly unravelled as you progress.

The usual mech upgrades are available for your robot, but a welcome addition to your firepower come in the guise of wingmen, who you can hire for a pricey sum.  Parts are plentiful and varied, but most do the same thing. Like earlier versions, the AC colours, user interface, logos can all be tweak to your liking.

Graphically AC3 isnt a whole lot different than it’s predecessor, but that isn’t a bad thing. Movement is smooth, environments are nicely rendered and explosions and lighting all look good, but nothing groundbreaking.

The multiplayer option also works well, allowing for a four player split screen though there appeared to be no option for online play. 

Controls might take a little getting used to especially if you are not familiar with earlier titles in the genre. The Raven can feel a little clunky for the start, but tactical upgrades do bring about easier controls and fluidity of movement. 

Positional sound is vital in AC3 and fortunately it works well in the game. Incoming rockets and distant explosions all sound great. We are told this is down to Dolby Pro Logic II on the DVD and it makes for a pretty impressive opening sequence.

If you’re a fan of Armored Core 2 and the mech genre, AC3 certainly wont disappoint. Expect a fair bit of frustration while getting to grips with the controls, but once mastered and if you have four friends to join in you’re in for some seriously fun, destructive gaming. 


Armored Core 3
Armored Core 3
Armored Core 3

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