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Hitman 2
High-Tempo Fun
Somewhat Repetitive

It's not easy to whip up a media frenzy like what Microsoft have done with their new "Super Mario and Sonic killer", Blinx - The Time Sweeper. The game is the first real 4D platform game to grace the XBox and reportedly taking full advantage of the consoles graphic grunt and visual vra-vra-vroom. 

It's no fun when your a feline janitor, especially when you have time splits and bike riding-hogs to deal with after the toilets and the yard. The cat universe is all kept in order with time crystal, all nicely located to ensure balance and tranquility. A raid on one such planet, namely B1Q64 by the pigs of the Tom-Tom Gang send everyone there fleeing. 

Not Blinx. As everyone piles through the jump gate to safety, our hero Blinx jumps in with his Timesweeper vacuum at the ready. This is all depicted nicely with a pretty cool movie intro. Infact everything visually looks cool in this title and together with some bouncey music Blinx really does make for some high-tempo button-mashing action. 

The idea is to run around many sub-levels (eg. level 1a, 1b, 1c etc.) and take out all the monsters and get to the Time Goal before time expires. Monster are taken out with various garbage littered around the levels, such as wooden benches, seats, logs, trash cans and lots of other miscellaneous junk. You learn fast that some pieces of garbage to more damage than others and become aware of the vacuums garbage-ammo limit. It's last in first out, so you have to suck up in an intelligent order if you know a big end of level beastie is waiting for you around the corner. 

Later levels get trickier as you would expect, but is it a nice gradual increase in difficultly, mostly via puzzles and volume of bad-guys. If you collect the correct crystals you can actually rewind the game a few second and try that gaming moment again. Use of the XBoxes Hard disk is used for this and you will find you will be using this alot, especially in later levels. 

In a nutshell, Blinx is a cute, fun and pretty groundbreaking in the way it uses the XBoxes features. Appeal will the strongest with the younger gamers. While the level layouts were well designed and look great, you might want to rent this one before you part with your hard earned cash.


Hitman 2

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