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Mike Tyson - Bad Intentions 
(Peter Heller)

Relying on in-depth research and interviews with those who have known Tyson at every stage of his life, this book portrays the shy child who became a vicious street thug, discovered boxing in juvenile prison, and was brought to the attention of the legendary Cus D'Amato to be shaped to be one thing: heavyweight champion of the world. 33 photos.

This book is excellent for anyone who wants to understand where Mike Tyson came from and the sort of influences that made him what he was and what he is now. Heller is an excellent writer and it is by no means a slow read. To anyone who is involved in any martial art or combat sport it is pure inspiration describing a boys determination to become one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Peter Heller digs into the cracks to get the truth of Iron Mike. The book is a excellent step by step guideline to Tyson's rollercoaster life.

$22.95 (£15.30*)

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