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Legends of Wrestling
Lots of Opponents
Good Career Mode
Clustered Rings
The late eighties/early nineties was a true golden era for the WWF. As fake as it was, the Hulk Hogan's, Ted DiBiase's and Jimmy 'Superfly' Snukka's brought about true, top quality entertainment for the hyperactive teenager. The depth of Legends of Wrestling is impressive. For the price of games today, you wouldn't expect anything different and Acclaim certainly deliver here. Forty-Two wrestlers are included, providing a nice variety of special moves, personas and entrance music. The Create-a-Wrestler feature is truly top notch. The best I have seen on any game to date and one I hope many other gaming companies take note of. Being able to actually play around with head size, clothing, even calf size provides all adds to the immersion value of the game. One thing I did notice though, was the face could not be changed. Only a minor gripe really.

Also customisable are you wrestlers moves. There's a very impressive buffet of holds, kicks, punches for the player to choose from and you can even use one of your pre-saved CD tracks as your entrance music - a very nice touch.

There's a good amount of game modes in Legends of Wrestling for you to enjoy. There's Exhibition mode, allowing you to go one on one, three in the ring or four in the ring, as well as tag team. Career mode, lets you travel around the country taking part in wrestling events, with your chosen manager. Winning bouts lead to regional titles and eventually propel you into the Championship arena where you can go for the Ultimate Heavyweight belt.

Tournament modes pitches individuals or tag teams competing in a round robin style tournament. Performing well in either Career or Tournament modes unlocks several of the better wrestlers in the game.

It's all really good fun. Expect jumps from the top ropes and folding chairs to come flying your way as you get stuck in, inside the squared circle. After fights your coach, Captain Lou will send you to the gym where you can beef up your fighter, add moves, and improve on your techniques. Your actions in the ring also gain you popularity with the crowds, calculated from how dangerous or exciting your moves are in the bout.  Again, another nice touch.

The game uses ISP's - "Immediate Start Positions" to determine what move you will do to your opponent. If your opponent is prone, where you stand when you use the pad-button will bring about one of three moves. Standing by the head will initiate a knee drop, the body - a pin or the legs - a leg drop for example.
Personally I found it difficult sometimes to see where your wrester is in the ring, especially when there is a number in the ring with you. The graphics are good, but take on a more cartoony appearance than similar games in its genre. The moves and holds however are initiated with flair and are as smooth as glass, making some of the body slams, piledrivers and knee drops incredibly realistic. 

It does take time learn the moves and get to grips with the ISP's, but once you are familiar with the controls, a heck of a lot of fun is to be had with Legends of Wrestling which will no doubt give grappling fans a fun way to walk down wrestling memory lane.


Legends of Wrestling
Legends of Wrestling
Legends of Wrestling

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