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Turok Evolution
Awesome Sound
Easy Controls 
Solid Storyline
Turok: Evolution is the latest episode of Acclaim's very successful  "Turok" adventures which graced the Nintendo 64 for the first time, five years ago. This instalment is a prequel to the other three games, which paints the foundation of Tal'Set's history and his reasoning for being in the prehistoric world. The story opens with the hero in battle with his nemesis Captain  Tobias Bruckner in 1886 Texas after Bruckner kills Tal'Set's chief and with his Cavalry most of the Indian tribe. During  their fight an explosion sends both through a rift to the Lost  Lands, where Tal'Set' embarks on his quest to get revenge on  Bruckner, who has since allied with a lizardman-like race  known as the Sleg.

Having not played the earlier games in the Turok series, I  wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at the visuals and brilliant atmosphere crammed into this game. 

The controls mimic that of Halo, which I was thankful for.  Before I knew it, I was chopping away at enemies and enjoying  some of the most amusing and bloody deaths I have seen in a game in a good while. For those more squeamish (or less bloodthirsty)  you will notice that a well aimed hit to a foe can convince  them to simply throw their hands behind their heads and surrender. This can save alot of time if you have a number of  foes in the vicinity to be concerned about.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of Turok:  Evolution is the sound. The soundtrack is nice, but the sound  effects were so fantastic, I found my self simply turning off  the music completely to immerse myself in the jungle atmosphere of the game. Frogs croke, beasts growl and Slegs bark orders in the distance as Tal'Set wades through rustling grass. The XBoxes inbuilt Dolby 5.1 processor is used to the max here.

One cool moment had me sneaking in the tall grass as Sleg rifles fired overhead, ripping up the environment around me.  Dinosaurs get excited and trees drop as Sleg Troppers (with no  respect for the landscape) try to fill you with lead.

Unlike earlier episodes, Evolution applies an airborne shootout  element to the game, where the hero mounts a flying beast and  takes to the skies. This is a nice change to the traditional  first person perspective viewpoint and definitely works well in Turok.  

All in all, Turok is going to please alot of people. It certainly did me. Comparisons with Halo will be made, and  while Turok wont have the same initial impact, it is certainly  in the ball park and I'd go as far as saying Turok: Evolution  even betters Halo in the sound department. 

A definite buy.


Turok Evolution
Turok Evolution
Turok Evolution

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