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Mike Tyson v James J JeffriesHEAVYWEIGHTNEWS proudly presents the next bout in the series of superfights between some of the divisions greatest fighters in the sports history. Chosen by the heavyweight community in our heavyweight Fan Forum 32 greats have been selected to battle it out to determine the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time! 

Before we go ringside, lets take a look at the press conference yesterday at the MGM Grand Hotel...

Pre Fight Press Conference at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

Rooney “... Do I think Mike can stop Jeffries? I know Mike can stop Jeffries... and no, Jeffries bare knuckle experience wont be a factor tomorrow night. If Jeffries wants a streetfight, Mike can do that too.”

Delaney (on his feet) “Mike Tyson is now, as he has always been, a crude slugger feeding on yellow bellied cotton pickers to make him look better than he really is... The Boilermaker wont be yellow tomorrow night... My boy will lick him, be it with or without gloves”

Tyson “Mr Jeffries is a legend, I have nothing but respect for the man and I've watched many tapes of his fights... No his size wont pose a problem for me. I've fought and best bigger guys before.  I am at my beat against bigger guys. I look forward to fighting tomorrow night.”

Jeffries “... To answer your question, no.. the theatre plays haven't hampered my preparation for this fight. Infact I'd say they have helped me in my training. It's not all about strength, speed and footwork - focus, patience and rhythm are equally as important. I'm ready to go, I've trained hard for this fight....”

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to the jam-packed MGM Grand Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas, we have a full house in anticipation of another superfight of yesteryear between Mike Tyson and James J Jeffries..

Lets take a quick look at the Rules for this fight:- 
· Three knockdown rule is in effect 
· There is no standing 8-count 
· A fighter can only be saved by the bell in the final round. 
· Three judges will score on a 10-point must system. 
· Fight is scheduled for 15 three-minute rounds 
The third man in the ring will be California's, Chuck Hassart.
The three judges scoring tonight's bout are Massachusetts, Rocky Castellani, Waldemar Schmidt of Puerto Rico and New York’s Sid Nathan.

In the RED corner, Mike Tyson weighs in at 218 lbs, 3 pounds lighter than when he won his WBC crown from Trevor Berbick in 86. You really got to hand it to Rooney and Tyson. Iron Mike always looks in great shape. Sporting his trademark black trunks no socks, the 23 year old paces up and down the ring, with the occasional rolling of his huge neck - he looks ready for business. 

In the BLUE corner, James J Jeffries weighs in at 220 lbs. A career high for the man they call 'the Boilerman'. Four years Tyson's senior and coming off a real tough nights work last time out from former champ Bob Fitzsimmons, where the British middleweight cut him up for seven rounds before Jeffries really turned on the style to end it in the eighth. 

Chuck Hassart calls them together for instructions...

Looking at the two, Jeffries looks the taller. Alot of friends, stars and family ringside tonight for Jeffries, including promoter Alex Greggains who has done a great job of getting these two legends together tonight!

With the final instructions over Hassart is motioning Rooney to get out of the ring.. He motions to the timekeeper - and we're just seconds away from the next superfight of the series... 

...The bell starts the action here in the first round. Here we go..
Tyson in the black trunks - Jeffries in the blue with red trim.
Tyson bobbing, fires a jab.. short of the target..
Jeffries feints to the left.
Tyson again with a left lead, this time attempting to move in range.. Jeffries moves out of the way.
Chuck Hassett is encouraging Tyson and Jeffries to mix it up a little and give these fans the fight that they came here to see.
Tyson moves in.. and Jeffries big arms tie their man up...
Hassett's in there.. prizes the two apart...
Tyson takes a half step back as he tries to create some punching room....
But Jeffries smothers Tyson again.
Hassett shouting for Jeffries to break.
He's separated the two.. here we go..
Tyson lunges forward with a left hook - not clear if that one landed.
Jeffries in the corner!
Now.. Jeffries jabs for the first time..
Tyson is moving his heads and shoulders side to side, but his feet are not going anywhere, giving Jeffries a decent target to shoot for.
Bill Delaney, shouting for Jeffries to throw punches!
Jeffries knows a win here will set up some lucrative paydays.
Here comes Tyson..
Tyson's punch actually goes behind Jeffries as the latter moved inside just as Tyson threw a looping shot.
It's scrappy but there's alot of excitement surrounding this fight. The fans are really in to it.
This is better from Tyson!! 
A triple jab on the way in, finishing with a right to the big man ribs...
To be fair Jeffries saw it coming and took most of them on the gloves.
Tyson looking sharp. A quick end to this fight would really please him.
Jeffries slides along the far ropes and away...
Jeffries hitches up his trunks. He'd better be careful. He may get nailed while his hands are down.
Jeffries fires out the jab... nothing there.
Tyson counters underneath uppercut to the ribs!! 
That one looked border line!!
Jeffries doesnt think so - by the looks of it nor does Chuck Hassart!!
...Tyson getting a ticking off.
Hassart asks if Jeffries is alright, he motions he's ok...
Tyson lands a crushing left hook!!
Dial 911! Jeffries's head snaps straight back! He didn't see that one coming!!
He's got Jeffries on Queer Street. Now, Iron Mike has always been a good finisher! What can Tyson do here?
Tyson fires a hook and misses.
Jeffries ties his man up... Chuck Hassett hollers at them to break!
OOOHH! Tyson reels backward from what looked like a head butt!
Most unlike Jeffries!
But it appears that its Jeffries who is cut. It's the same eye - the same cut as in his last fight with Fitzsimmons 6 months ago!
There's a good bit of blood coming from the gash over Jeffries's left eye!
Jeffries looks bothered - it must be worse than it looks from here.
Tyson fires a short right cross that lands square. That was a damaging punch!
Tyson has Jeffries in trouble here and he's going to work with the left and right hooks!
Tyson lands a hard uppercut!
Jeffries reels back!
Jeffries is definitely in trouble. Tyson needs to pick his shots and he can finish this right now.
Jeffries for his part, is firing back..
Both fighters are trying to work inside. It's Tyson, though, who manages to score with a solid uppercut that hurt Jeffries.
The two men close the distance between each other. Tyson throws a half-hook, half-uppercut that catches Jeffries and the Boilermaker covers up again.
Seconds remaining in the round... Jeffries is in trouble. Tyson needs to stay on him if he wants to end this now.
Jeffries on the move again!
Tyson short with another in swinger.
... There's the bell to end the opener!

Jeffries got a real barking to from his cornerman during the interval. He comes out quickly. Whatever Bill Delaney said to him in the corner between rounds must have had some effect.
The action shifts to the middle of the ring..
Tyson lands a solid shot to the head and follows up with a better one! he can be very effective when he remembers to throw his punches in combinations.
Jeffries swings...and misses.
The cross scores for Tyson. He needs to throw that punch more often.
Jeffries misses with what looked like a backhand. he's lucky. If that had landed, he might have drawn a warning.
Blinding hand speed from Tyson! He fired off a volley of shots, several of which scored.
Jeffries looking flatfooted now. 
Tyson blasts home a short hook to the body.
Jeffries ties up Tyson.. 
Jeffries seems to be doing alot of talking...
Chuck Hassett screaming for Jeffries to break...
Jeffries inches away with the hook... he'd better get a little closer when he throws it or Tyson's going to beat him to the punch and hurt him!
Jeffries jabs.. finally some success.
Tyson looks to have dropped a gear..
Jeffries traps Tyson's gloves under his arms...Chuck Hassett may have his work cut out tonight.
Chuck Hassett is talking to Jeffries and seems to be telling him to quit playing around and start fighting.
Tyson moves into left corner.
Jeffries just landed a three punch combo!!!
... Out of nothing!
Tyson is trying to reach for the ropes!
His legs have turned to jelly!
Now it's Tyson holding!
Chuck Hassett's in there trying to break them apart.
Jeffries seems to content to hold.
... Hassett screaming at both men to break!
He finally brings them apart. 
Tyson really paid there for that lapse in concentration!
Both back to the ring center...
Tyson lands two quick, hard uppercuts that make Jeffries take a half step backwards.
Each fighter is measuring the other. Now Jeffries lets his hands go and scores several quick punches to the head of Tyson
Much better from Jeffries.. as the round comes to a close!

Here comes Tyson and Jeffries as the bell sounds to start the action for Round 3.
Tyson comes out bobbing and weaving...
Jeffries lets his hands go but his punches land mostly on the arms of Tyson.
Tyson's pendulum motion defence, is really impressive...
Tyson lands a strong combination!
Jeffries is stunned!
Jeffries on wobbly legs...
Tyson leaves the jab just short.
Tyson lands a jab. He's using it as both an offensive and defensive weapon on occasions.
Jeffries on the defensive...
Tyson is starting to pour it on...
Tyson lands a solid uppercut!
Jeffries appears shaken by that punch!
Jeffries all over the place. Tyson can win the fight right now if he doesn't get sloppy and just flail away.
Two hooks to the body and a right hook to the jaw - down goes Jeffries!

Chuck Hassett stands over Jeffries and starts the count...

Jeffries gets up on his feet!
He doesn't look very steady...
Hassett asks if Jeffries can continue.. he nods he can..
Chuck Hassett waves the two fighters together.
This looks bad for Jeffries!
Tyson pins Jeffries in the corner!
Jeffries ties up Tyson...
Hassett breaks them apart...
In goes Tyson.. he's all over him!
Chuck Hassett is taking a close look at Jeffries. This fight could be stopped at any moment.
Jeffries is trapped in the corner...
Tyson lands a devastating combo!
Tyson has hurt Jeffries. Hassett should stop this right now!

Tyson rains a combination of blows to the head and body of Jeffries and Jeffries tastes the canvas again, here in Round 3!

Forget the count... Hassett is waving this fight off..
Jeffries has been stopped here in round 3.

What a fantastic finish by Mike Tyson! It's bedlam in the ring..
Tyson goes over to see if Jeffries is OK... It appears Jeffries is fine...

Here's Don Dunphy with the call...

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

The winner by knockout at the 1:04 second mark in Round 3...


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I hope you enjoyed this latest fight in the heavyweight superfight series. Check back soon for the next showdown on HEAVYWEIGHTNEWS between, Larry Holmes and Jerry Quarry.





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