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Incredible Graphics
Action All The Way
Decent Storyline

When I was a young pup, one of my favourite games on the bulky computer I owned was a game called Lotus Turbo Esprit. It wasn't for its racing value and the game itself had little to no aim to it, in all honesty. What it did let you do was cruise around a city and smash into anything else that moved. Oh, the mind of a young and foolish child. Today being old and foolish, the scent of Wreckless: The Yazuka Missions certainly pricked my ears up.

Well where do I start. Just when I thought I'd seen the true graphical nirvana what Project Gotham Racing provided, Activision appear to have done with the XBox what even Bizarre Creations couldn't do. The reflections, shadows, car details and even the hazy heat, rising from the roads look amazing. 

There is lots of digital eye candy served up. As the car whizzes through Hong Kong you will see lots of shrapnel and car parts get strewn across the area. The replays are particularly entertaining. By some means of graphical wizardry, the developers have made the replay look almost eighties TV-like using tiny scanlines and a slight reduction in saturation. As the rerun plays, cameras switch to provide different views, using different types of viewer - one being a cool fuzzy CCTV camera. All the movies of your chases and motion picture smashes can be saved to the XBox hard disk for future viewings.

Though you cant use your own CD's in the game, the sound effects are nicely done and the mission critical voice over is clear and loud enough to hear over the inevitable smashes, explosions and screams.

There are 2 scenarios’ to select in the mission mode. Scenario A is "Hong Kong Police and Inspector", and Scenario B is "New Spies Ho and Chang". Each scenario comprises of 10 missions. Each has its own unique little story that you must complete.

There’s a nice selection vehicles to wreck, including sports cars, buggy-type cars right up to huge military vehicles. Buses, cop cars, trucks, and ambulance's as well as pedestrians litter the roads of Hong Kong as pursue your targets.

In a nutshell, Wreckless : The Yazuka Mission provides high adrenaline filled fun. Throw in incredible graphics, thumping soundtracks and twisted metal and you have yourselves a must-buy game.


wreckless the yazuka missions
wreckless the yazuka missions
wreckless the yazuka missions

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