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WWE CRush hour
Official WWE license
Annoying Audio
Limited Gameplay
The WWE franchise has brought us some decent wrestling titles in the past, so it was interesting to hear of the new driving spin off Crush Hour on the PS2 console. With many top-notch extreme driving titles on the system, perhaps the most difficult task for THQ was to bring something new and refreshing to the market. The intention here was clearly to inject the fun of the grappling US superstars to the demolision derby-esque arena. 

Crush Hour offers three main modes of play. Exhibition mode is the game's quick and easy single-player mode, which allows you to chose your wrestler and vehicle, the arena and rules for the level. There is also a mildly entertaining split-screen mode for multiplayer and a season mode which comprises of a series of arenas for any of thirty pre made WWE superstars. Each wrester, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Brock Lester have their own unique vehicles. As you progress, you can unlock hidden drivers and arenas for the game.

So how does it play? Well to be honest, while the arenas sport the real WWE Pay-per-view and TV layouts the graphics arent that great. Each arena has its own rules and goals which do add a little variety, but these get boring quick. Weapons can be added to your car to assist on taking out other competitors and each wrestler also has a specialized attack unique to that vehicle.

Sound-wise Crush Hour comes with its own commentary from Jim Ross but after an hour or so this tends to get annoying more than anything else. Fellow wrestlers will occasionally bark out insults at you which are ammusing but frankly lack in variety if not substance.

If destructive driving is your thing there are definately better titles out there worth considering, but true WWE fanatics will no doubt purge some fun out of Crush Hour. While the game doesnt employ any ground breaking ideas or visuals, the reduced price tag together with decent multiplayer mode might make the game worth a look.  


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